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Welcome to Carolina Rental by Owners, the home of vacation rentals in North and South Carolina. The land of Shoreline from Atlantic Ocean Beaches. You've come to the right place to find the perfect property for your next vacation; whether you want a condo, a house, villa or a beachfront apartment. We have a fantastic portfolio of vacation rentals so we can match your requirements or your budget.

Carolina Rental by Owners, has made it easy and fun to search for vacation home rentals online. You can search by destination, or if you’re not quite sure where you want to go, you can browse by theme such as Beach, Mountain, Golf or Romance. You can view photos of each property as well as read detailed descriptions, plus find out when it´s available and how much it costs. You can then contact us directly and make a booking and with our personalized vacation concierge service we can arrange everything to give you the best vacation experience.

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Vacation rental websites are charging travelers an added “booking fee?” How much is this booking fee? It’s not pennies, and the charge is often hidden.

So, what do you get for the extra fee you’re paying? Nothing! It’s just a service fee for using their website. The fees go by a few different names, such as “booking fee”, “traveler fee” or “service fee.”

So, how can you get a top vacation rental for the lowest price? Deal Direct - Don’t Overpay

NO middleman! Carolina Rental by Owners, is a free service for travelers. Carolina Rental by Owners, was birthed to help everyone break away from unnecessary vacation rental booking fees.

There’ no reason to pay more. At Carolina Rental by Owners, you have access to the best vacation rentals and hosts.

We care about travelers and the future of the vacation rental industry. We believe travelers should be able to enjoy vacation homes without fees!

Carolina Rental by Owners was established to save you money, help you enjoy a better service and an unparalleled vacation rental experience by dealing directly with hosts.

After-all, owners and managers know their area and rental better than anyone. We offer a more genuine “local” experience with the best help, service and tips for travelers.

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Carolina Rental by Owners was developed for vacation rental owners and travelers alike that long for the good old days,when owners had a simple way to list their vacation property and travelers could one stop shop for their vacation needs then contact the owner or agent directly without a middleman overcharging either one!

Submitting inquiries on Carolina Rental by Owners is completely free. Vacation rental has never been easier.

Register online today to list your property. You're in charge of your rates, the property description, and details. Manage bookings with our convenient availability calendar, communicate with travelers, and monitor reviews from the convenience of our online portal. Generate rental income without the additional fees associated. Carolina Rental by Owners serves as a user-friendly and secure way to manage all your vacation rentals.

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